Monday, May 14, 2012

'floating island' or œufs à la neige

A French dessert named 'floating island' or œufs à la neige. This dessert lets you to use the whole egg - the white for the meringue and yolk for the creme anglaise. The meringue is made like any other meringue but poached in water. Be warned that the meringue expands. This 'cloud' floats on top of vanilla custard and caramel is drizzled on it. It makes a sweet yet light dessert, and looks a bit odd.

basil ricotta filo rolls

Home-made basil, ricotta and tasty cheese enclosed in crispy oven-baked filo pasty. Delicate, light and scrumptious.

green palace, vegetarian thai in newtown

I was in Sydney in between having breakfast at a friend's and seeing the art gallery in the afternoon with another friend. Typically, by myself, I resort to a stand up lunch - either a wrap, sushi or whatever. However, since I'm not often in Sydney, I wanted to treat myself - what better way to do this than eat vegetarian Thai food.

Green Palace in Newtown has a take-away shop front but there are casual tables/chairs inside. I got a $10 lunch meal deal with lemon grass pork and brown rice. Delicious. It did just the trick. Eating something nice by myself reminded me of my happy travel days.
Green Palace
182 King Street
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