Wednesday, September 28, 2011

kingston cafe

I can't repeat how much I love catching up with my Sydney friends in Canberra. This time, Nikki and her crew came to Canberra to see a music show and we caught up for a prolonged brunch/lunch/tea one Sunday morning. We went to a cafe in Kingston (in Green Square, there are three cafes next to each other and we ate at the one in the middle).

The enjoyment of food is very dependent on the company that you have (haha so this blog is about 'Anthea's friends'... and this phrase is connotative of ABC children tv shows). The thing that I loved about this Sunday morning were the eclectic personalities of the group, that everyone had different tastes/styles and (seemingly) loved one another for it, the sillyness and honesty and the laughs about a creepy youtube clip about a cartoon with salad fingers.

The food was average. I ordered a cous cous salad, which was a large over-priced bowl of cous cous (surprise, surprise). The muesli however was amazing - the oats were roasted in maple syrup or something similar and the muesli cluster that I ate took me to a happy place.

Above, there is: an 'action shot' of muesli, a delicious coffee, banana bread, a red meat pie topped with a sweet potato mash, my cous cous salad and a ham and cheese croissant.

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