Saturday, January 5, 2013

hmmm home-made donuts

I had a two-day working week and this is my first weekend for the year... it's a max of 38 degrees today and I want to get the hell out of Canberra. Then I think about the faraway holiday destinations I could go too... then I get freaked out about committing myself to plans, especially if my plans rely on other people and work. I realise the heat is probably aggravating my ever-so-useful cyclical thinking pattern, so I'm trying to focus on something else i.e. blogging.

On a side note, sitting on my computer desk is a water spray (the one that hairdressers use). I'm occasionally spraying myself with water in order to cool my body down in this bloody hot weather.

Okay, focus, blog entry.

Sometime last year, Dan and I got our chef hats on and made donuts! We used a simple and basic recipe from here. I was a bit skeptical about whether they'd work because when I was much younger I often baked bread that turned out nasty, tough and overcooked. However, the donuts that we made were delicious!! We followed most steps in the recipe, like letting the first dough mix rest and puff up. The recipe asks that after you shape your donuts into rings or balls, you let them rest again. However, we were starving at this point and skipped that. We coated the donuts in cinnamon sugar and filled some with raspberry jam. They were soo nice and fluffy and quite a treat!! The only thing I would have done differently is make the donuts smaller as the middle of some donuts weren't perfectly cooked. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed the slightly mushy texture. We had about 8 donuts between us for dinner lol.

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