Friday, June 3, 2011

hong kong

before i started full time work, i did a round the world trip - it was AMAZING. I went to the USA, Europe & HK... preempting this blog, i sacrificed my own self-respect and other people's respect for me and took an enormous amount of food pictures - and I'd love to share some of these with you.

This is my FAVOURITE treat in Hong Kong... I'm not sure what it's called, but my family would always make an effort to have these every time single time we'd go to HK. They are like waffles in a ball, but they are more eggy and fluffier. The outside would be ever so crisp and the inside would just melt in your mouth - maybe just like macarons, but hot and lighter and less sweet.

This was my first yum cha in HK during my trip. Once I arrived in HK, I demanded to my mum that we have to go to yum cha. I had heaps of fond memories as a kid/teen and can remember thinking: i could have yum cha for lunch everyday in HK, but could never do the same in Australia, due to the quality and oiliness of our yum cha here. In HK, there's different styles of yum cha, including: Shanghainese, Canton etc. This one I think was Cantonese. The restaurant had the decor of a wedding reception (note the mass white and chandeliers).

I caught up with my relos over a Chinese banquet (pics below). All these dishes were served in one 3 hour sitting. THERE WAS SO MUCH FOOD! My cousins thought it was a bit funny that I took pictures of everything that came out of the kitchen. They just said it was a 'youthful' thing for people in HK to take pictures of their food... Despite the embarrassment, I'm glad I have visual copies of the amazing food at this banquet:

As I've done a bit of travelling in the couple of years, I stacked up some Asia Miles points (frequent flyers) and I got this High Tea for free. It was at the Langham Hotel and was pretty casual. Delicious, but I wouldn't pay real money for it. There's no doubt that I've been better. Pretty, nevertheless:

And everything else: street food, street markets, shopping, visiting the Peak, sushi train, 'hong kong' style food and kitsch but cute edamame beans!!!!!

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