Monday, September 3, 2012

sharing this food blog

When I'm getting to know people, they are often surprised that I have a food blog. I often get asked questions like 'How can you eat and photograph so much food while staying petite? Do you purge?' (out of sarcasm). Haha, no thank you, I don't have an eating disorder :). I just steer towards healthier options and walk a lot. Plus, I have chub on my body so I'm not skinny skinny.

I also get asked 'What kind of food do you blog about?' I blog about stuff I eat, see and cook. I often blog about things that reveal a bit about what's going on in my life at that time. I try to blog about things I find special and a bit different.

And 'Who looks at your blog?' While my blog is mainly for my family/friends, I realise lots of people who I don't know are finding my blog through - these people are led to my blog through key words including as the places/types of food on this blog. These people are located in Australia and internationally. I also write with some awareness that the restaurant/cafe may look at my blog, but this isn't my priority.

The thing that I love about having this blog and sharing my love of food is the support I've recieved from friends/family, sharing recipes, experiences and ideas. People often text me images of food or tag me in a facebook picture of some sort of food. It's something so simple but I really enjoy getting these pics from people :). And just to share a few:

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