Saturday, November 24, 2012

turkish feast - lunch and dinner

I normally try to have different cuisines/types of food during the week. However, on this one day, I went to the Turkish Pide House in Civic for both lunch and dinner. EEEK! Work had organised a work lunch there and I couldn't refuse. My friend was coming from interstate and a Turkish dinner seemed like the obvious option, because it was a bit different from those Mod Australian cafe/restaurants in Civic. I wasn't majorly fussed cos I don't normally have Turkish, so it was like drinking water in a dessert.

For lunch, I got the salmon salad. This looked and tasted like a 'healthy-something' that I would cook myself - at least I didn't get the gross feeling I sometimes get after eating lots of Turkish meat. I was surprised there was cheese on the salad leaves though - is this common? Oh well, there went my attempt to avoid dairy food. The dish was reminiscent of cafe lunches you'd normally get in Australia so I wonder how is this dish Turkish? What is Turkish? I don't know.

We really had a feast for dinner. Between three girls, we ordered two banquets and extra falafel. Wow, it was a celebration of food and through food. The food was tasty and there were decent portions of meat, bread/dip, pizza pide. We could have had more salad but maybe that's cos two of us have diets mainly consisting of veges. The girls let me bring home all the leftovers, which lasted me two good meals. Wow!
Turkish Pide House
16 Moore Street

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