Saturday, April 21, 2012

food court at centrepoint westfield

In my recent trip to Sydney, I brought my mum to the new Centrepoint Westfield which has an stunning food court. The floor is filled with upmarket fast food franchises, restaurants turned into casual eateries and one-off stores. This included Grill'd burgers, Din Tai Fung (best dumplings in Sydney), Iku Wholefoods etc. In fact, the space is like a convergence of street food to mid/high-market eateries. It brings these eateries in one convenient location to the shopping masses. Customers ranged from suburban families to the Sydney North Shore yuppie to the international tourist with large expendable incomes.
The black reflective floor emphasises the food court's 'sophistication' - a sensation oozing out of the shiny decor in the rest of the Westfield. Walking around the food court, it reminds me of a gallery - each store has immaculate displays, each showing off a carefully designed concept/marketable image. To some point, I also felt like I was in a food court of a UK/European high-end department store. 

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