Monday, April 9, 2012

Insadong Korean BBQ, Eastwood

One thing I appreciate about Sydney is the non-pretentious nature of the restaurants. Eastwood, a dominantly Asian suburb, is filled with these. The suburb is also dominated by lots of Asian grocery stores and cheap shops where 'Made in Hong Kong/ China' is embraced to many extents.
The Insadong Korean Restaurant in Eastwood feels like a family run business, is low key and serves simple, no-fuss food. I used to frequent here in my uni days - after a long musty lecture, my mum would bring me out for lunch in Eastwood or to this restaurant. It was the perfect way to wind down. Since the restaurant is filled with locals, the customer service is not patronising and would make many feel at ease.

Serving sizes are plentiful and meat for the BBQ is cut in decent chunks. My friend and I got the medium spicy chicken, ribs marinated in a special Insadong soy sauce and a Korean seafood pancake. Food didn't lack taste and our choices weren't too fatty. It was more than enough for us and I was happy and content.

Insadong Korean Restaurant
223 Rowe Street
Eastwood, Sydney

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