Sunday, April 29, 2012

upside down banana cake: taking pictures of food

A picture of a delicious upside down banana cake.

On Facebook the other day, one of my friend's posted a picture from this blog on her profile: I love the concept of this blog - it highlights the culture of asians taking pictures of food. People would laugh at this blog if they were embracing their own stupidity in doing food pornography or if they've been in the awkward position of eating out with an Asian who does this.

This food-photography culture reminds me of tourists who have travelled far and take photos of things such as spectacular buildings, famous artworks or the landscape. People seem to do this as a way to 'capture their memories' on hard/soft copy. A fleeting moment or experience is turned onto a hard/soft copy image - something which the photographer may keep for a long time. A photograph allows the individual to experience or 'consume' the memory for much longer.

My questions are: Do you have to have an photo/object to remember something? Is it necessary for me to take photos of food? If I throw my photos away, would I still remember it? What is it saying about our society if we must have a consumable object to jot our memories of something? tbc...

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