Thursday, June 7, 2012

Barramundi in the middle of the dessert (alice springs)

I stayed at home today, sick. It started with a sore throat... when I thought I was recovering, BAM, I developed a harsh dry cough, blocked nose and ears, slightly runny nose. I currently feel gross and want to get better for the long weekend. I got this bloody cold right after coming back from Alice Springs for work.

Alice Springs was amazing - gorgeous landscape, refreshing demographics. One evening, we had dinner at the 'Barra on Todd Restaurant' in the Chifley Hotel Resort. I was quite sceptical of the quality of fish served at the restaurant as Alice Springs is very inland. The seafood in Canberra is a polarised hit and miss, so I was reluctant to try put my bet on Alice Springs.

However, I was pleasantly surprised - the menu had a variety of barramundi, such as one with a mustard and Parmesan crust, macadamian crust on Mediterranean veges. I got the barra with a almond crust on kipfler potatoes. The fish was thick, fresh, not too dry and the almond crust was done well. It was not pretentious and generous.
Barra on Todd Restaurant and Bar
34 Scott Terrace
Alice Springs

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