Friday, June 22, 2012

Eating and stackin' dinos

In a land before time, Elizabeth and I worked on a grey landscape. A newcomer, David, brought with him miniature dinosaur figurines. What would be better than to stack these creatures? Stacking four (without blutac) was an easy task. Dino step by dino step, we added another one and another. The stack kept collapsing but we kept on stacking.

We gathered an audience in the office. One girl promised us gluten-free dinosaur cookies if we stacked twelve dinosaurs. We were determined and set ourselves on a mission. After days and days of stacking... we finally did it and got our just dessert. The cookies tasted like sweet victory and were delicious.
It was Elizabeth's time to leave the office. In memory of our dino age, David and I arranged to get an ice cream cake from Goodberry's for her farewell. The cake below has a vanilla base, with two mix-ins (violet crumble and choc fudge). I had a weird conversation with them when I had to request a 'silohuette' of a dinosaur, but they were so accommodating and keen to help us. The cake looked and tasted AMAZING.

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