Saturday, October 20, 2012

bbq on voting day

Today was A.C.T's voting day. When I was driving around, it was obvious when I was approaching polling centres as there would be lots of people walking and campaign posters strategically placed (100m away from the polling centres of course).

Anyway, the weather was gorgeous today. Mid-20 degrees and Canberra's first sign of summer. Dan and I revisited a spot we found last weekend during a random drive - a BBQ/picnic spot in the 'Uriarra Settlement'. It was just a 30 minute cruise through rolling hills from my home in South Canberra. During the drive, I didn't feel like I was in Canberra at all - we could have been in the middle of NSW or QLD for all we knew. The picnic spot has a 'nature reserve feel' and is surrounded by greenery overlooking a calm river.

The BBQ facilities were 'cute and small' - from afar, it was hard to distinguish the tree stumps from the BBQs, lol. All of the good ones were occupied, so we did some 'hawking' and pounced on one as it became available.
I heard from someone or somewhere that you could cook a banana on a BBQ in its whole skin. We did this and the banana started jumping on the hot plate, as if it was alive! Probably best to pierce the skin a little to let the hot air out. While we ate the meat/veges, we left the banana on the hot plate til the majority of the skin turned black and voila! The actual banana tasted smoky, was soft and lovely. Brilliance. Dan suggested that it'd be better with cinnamon, nutmeg, oats, honey etc - genuis. BBQing an apple would also be delicious... oh the possibilities!
I was also wearing my new thongs. All I needed was a straw hat and a ute with a dog then I'd be a true bloody Aussie.

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