Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vietnamese in Weston Creek: like a theatre performance

Sometimes I find the experience of eating in a restaurant similar to going to the theatre. How well is the food's performance i.e. taste/smell/aesthetics? What type of people eat at the restaurant? Does the customer service enhance your experience? Can your waiter/waitress explain each dish before you choose it? It's also the anticipation/waiting before your food/the performance arrives.

My mum came to visit me in Canberra a while ago and I brought her to 'My's Vietnamese Restaurant' in Weston Creek. We got the beef pho - I think we subconsciously think pho as a good indicator of how good a Viet restaurant is... and a 'chefs special' with beef, salad and Viet rice paper sheets. Many things amazed me about the latter dish - the unexpected flames underneath the dish which weren't just for aesthetics but for cooking the beef; the plastic things used to separate the moist rice paper sheets; the full-bodied taste; getting my hands dirty when preparing the rolls. Highly recommended.
My's Vietnamese Restaurant
35 Brierly Street
Weston Creek

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