Friday, February 1, 2013

cherry apple strudel

Apparently cherries are a super food - they contain heaps of melatonin (a compound that helps you to sleep) aids weight loss, fights types of cancer, lowers cholesterol etc. Dan had some over ripe cherries so I looked up some recipes where we could use them... most recipes called for dried or pre-packaged cherries. Screw that - we used a recipe for apple and cherry strudel, substituting pre-packaged/morello cherries for fresh ones. Fresh food is the best option anyway, in my opinion.

The recipe was super easy - the filling contained cherries, apples, a bit of sugar, lemon juice (essential as it gives the strudel a 'bite'), almond meal (gives texture and substance). Wrap it in filo pastry, bake, then done! The strudel wasn't too sweet or fatty. We made it a second time without lemon juice (this was when I realised the importance of the ingredient) and use halzelnut meal (reminded me of nutella, yum!)

The recipe is here. My one doesn't look as good as the website,,, but they probably Photoshopped the heck out of it.

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