Friday, February 8, 2013

veggie stack :)

It was Friday, I survived another tough week at work, did an interview and was feeling lethargic. I thought I’d treat myself on Friday evening – many people who I know, treating yourself would mean you’d have a glass of red wine and cheese or takeaway food. But drinking red wine by myself would make me feel like an alcoholic and I don’t normally eat cheese. And there was a storm so I wasn’t inclined to step outside for takeaway. I treated myself with a veggie burger… just without the bread.

I love most veggie patties – it’s a mysterious object so I love guessing what’s inside and thinking about how I would create my ‘dream’ veggie pattie. It’s ‘safe’ because it’s only veggies (as opposed to sausages or meat patties that probably have mashed up animal intestines). Veggie patties have a dense and wholesome texture which is adds variety to my diet of that’s mainly crunchy veges and soft beans.

I scanned the aisles of Coles and picked up probably the most expensive packet of veggie patties. I didn’t choose them because of the price (idea that expensive = luxury = self-pampering) but because I love mushrooms. One downside about these patties is the amount of packaging used – an outer paper bag and inner vacuum bag containing the patties. The majority of veggie patties in the supermarket use only a vacuum seal bag and that is sufficient.

For the sake of brainstorming, I looked up a few recipes for veggie stacks... I came up with a stack that would look reasonably colourful and would have almost all my fav veggies.

From the top, ingredients included:
*Herb pesto: including basil, chives, herb olive, pine nuts, olive oil
*Red onion
*Oven baked/ grilled mushies, zucchini and red capsicum
*Store-bought mushie pattie

This mushie pattie tasted a bit like red meat, so in hindsight hummus would have suited it better. But the veggie stack was a perfect treat… well with my tastebuds/preferences at least.

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