Friday, February 1, 2013

sushi in tuggers

To me, the things that makes sushi awesome is the freshness and generosity of fillings. The new 'Hero Sushi' in Tuggeranong's Hyperdome is far away from the typical sushi-eating inner-city crew in Canberra but offers a great range of sushi.

There were numerous vegetarian options (what?!?!) - my favourite was the sushi covered with tofu skin and filled with avocado/cucumber. I was so excited to eat it... it looked and smelt delicious and had a combo of veges that I normally don't see together on one sushi roll. Eating it engaged all my senses and I was thrilled.
As I was taking a picture of the sushi place, I realised it was a dumb foodie move. A young girl with her mother walked past me and the girl said loudly in complete bemusement and wonder: 'Is she really taking a photo of the sushi place?' Lol.

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