Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rama's Fiji Indian Restaurant

People often say that as you age, the novelty of birthdays wears off… Well at the risk of sounding selfish and immature, I’ve always made sure I do something special for myself on my birthday. It’s the one day where I can go: I shouldn’t feel bad about putting myself first and treat myself to something nice – to eat of course J.

Also, since it is usually me who organises dinner events and outings, my birthday was one of few chances where I could sit back and let others organise things for me. I requested that we go to a casual, healthy restaurant with a ‘different’ cuisine. A colleague of chose Rama’s – a Fiji Indian Restaurant in Pearce.
It was a while ago, but these pictures jotted my memory of what we ate. For the entrée, we got vegetable pakoras. These were essentially bits of cauliflower, potato, eggplant, onion rings and capsicum dipped in spiced lentil flour and deep fried ($10). They looked kinda absurd when they came out on the plate – bright orange and strangely smooth. Are they edible? What is the orange stuff? What would it taste like? Eating the pastry/batter didn’t shock me as much as the look of it. It wasn’t particularly flavoursome or spicy – which I guess is expected out of lentil flour. The excitement of the dish definitely lies in its appearance and the way it’s been prepared.

I can’t remember everything we ate, but it included:
*Goat Curry: pieces of meat, on the bone, cooked with fresh spices and coriander leaves 21.00
*Palak Panir: home made cheese cooked in a smooth spinach sauce 19.00
*Vegetable Bombay: potato, beans, carrots, peas and cauliflower, cooked in
spicy coconut milk 18.50

Looking at the prices now, I think Ramas is a bit pricey (you’d def get cheaper Indian elsewhere in Canberra). But I shared 7 dishes with 8+ people, so it didn’t cost too much. I can remember not crying (always a plus) because the dishes weren’t too spicy. According to one of my friends, who has a Fiji Indian background, this cuisine is often a lot less spicy than Indian food.

At Ramas, there were no mishaps with the customer service nor we found weird objects in the food.

I’d definitely go again and its one of the better Indian restaurants that I’ve been to. But maybe I’m just saying that because I can’t cook much Indian and I think they are all great *embarrassed flush*.

Rama's Fiji Indian Restaurant
Pearce Shopping Centre
Cnr. Macfarland & Hodgson Cres.
Pearce ACT 2607

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