Wednesday, May 22, 2013

dairy free 'ice cream'

Most of my colleagues know that I'm a foodie so they often provide me endless recipes from mainstream magazines/newspapers. I came across one recipe for dairy free 'ice cream', which was essentially any fruit frozen blended with dairy free milk until it forms an ice cream consistency. I froze a kiwi and banana... one ambitious morning, I got out my whiz stick and blended the frozen fruit with a dash of soy milk. The fruit didn't budge at first, but with a lot of persistence and noise, out came a delish frozen slushie that resembled ice cream. I sprinkled a few nuts on it, and voila! Ice cream for breakfast :)

It was a special treat and had a gelato-like consistency. You could probably add sugar/honey to sweeten it. I wish I knew about this recipe during summer!

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