Wednesday, May 22, 2013

moroccan salad/burger

During the warmer months in Canberra, one of my favourite foods to prepare is a Moroccan salad as it's light, sweet and tasty. I got the recipe from a free Sanitarium cook book. The salad is pretty simple and consists of spinach, carrots, chickpeas, sultanas and sunflower seeds. The dressing is probably my favourite part, which is a mixture of tahini and orange juice.

I was cutting up the carrots, and one strip naturally separated with little spears coming out from the side. I was bemused.

I ate the salad by itself or with store-bought veggie burgers. The one below was a Moroccan burger from Woolworths. I've been trying out different veggie sausages/burgers from Coles/Woolies/major supermarkets and this is probably my favourite one so for its complex taste and spiciness.

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