Sunday, July 24, 2011


In Canberra's balmy Autumn, a bunch of the grads went to Brodburger for one of the grad's birthday. For those who don't live in Canberra, Brodburger is a little red caravan nicely situated near Canberra's 'iconic' Lake Burley Griffin. After ordering your burger, you'd sit in the park in a picnic-like fashion and enjoy the views of the lake.

Before going to Brodburger, I heard rave reviews of the place and that it makes the 'best burgers in Canberra'. The hype of the place was heightened by the lengthy 30 minute wait after ordering my burger. It was definitely a novelty to visit this place. And it is impressive that they created such a big business out of the tiny tiny caravan where they cooked the burger. I grew up in hospitality and commercial kitchens so I can safely say that the size and way that a kitchen is set out has a massive impact on the quality and speed of the food. The 30 minute wait for my burger @ Brodburger can definitely be attributed to the minuteness of the caravan and its limited capacity to have extra staff and a larger grill plate. Maybe, just maybe the smallness of the caravan and long wait subconsciously makes people think that their burger is more special than what it really is.

For me, the food didn't live up to all the hype. I felt like I could have recreated my vego burger at home, for a fraction of the price that I paid at Brodburger. My burger had an assortment of char-grilled vegetables (mushroom, eggplant, zucchini, capsicum) topped with fried haloumi cheese and a white vinaigrette dressing (kudos to the website for this detail). However, the oiliness and squishiness of the eggplant overpowered all the other veges, especially the haloumi which was meant to be the *star act* of the burger. Maybe I ordered the wrong thing. There was a grilled fish burger that sounded devine.

Another grad ordered a 'Brodburger Deluxe' which had: 2 x A grade gourmet beef patties, flame grilled, Eggs, lots of crispy bacon. Topped with fresh lettuce, tomatoes and Spanish onions. Includes homemade aioli and tomato relish. This looked fantastic and great value for money (see picture below).

Despite the average food, I loved the 'drop-in' nature of the place. We had a large group of friends, so even though some came late, it didn't disadvantage the rest of us who wanted to eat. Its an open casual place, reminiscent of Milson's Point Park in Sydney where people would order take away pizza in a nearby pizza joint and sit in the park.

Brodburger - Flame Grilled Burgers - Food Caravan
Bowen Park Carpark, Bowen Drive/Wentworth Av, Barton ACT 2604
Note: later in the year, Brodburger is moving a few hundred metres down the road to Canberra Glassworks. See

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