Saturday, July 30, 2011

Crust Pizza

When my flatmate discovers something amazing, different and extremely 'useful' she will claim that the thing will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. For example, say that she discovers a nifty kitchen appliance, some fabulous tasting food or a beauty product, she will probably say that it has a life-changing status.

WELL, I think Crust Pizza will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. The base is amazingly crisp and not oozing with oil onto the cardboard pizza box. There is a proportional amount of toppings on the pizza. And the toppings are gourmet and don't feel like they have been soaking in oil, have been fondled around by pubescent teens or transported in the back of a truck for hours.

The thing that I LOVE about Crust Pizza is the 'invent your own pizza' online option. On the Crust website, you can choose from a range of bases, sauces and a great long list of toppings. For indecisive people, this could be a nightmare and I would suggest that you just get a pizza from the a la carte menu. But for those who want something different, something that no one has probably had before, and something that is special, pick your own pizza and toppings and be amazed!

Crust Pizza
21 Kennedy St, Kingston, 2604
Crust Pizza locations in the ACT:
Crust Pizza locations in NSW:

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  1. anthea I'm pretty sure there's a Crust pizza on marrickville rd next to where I used to work. I used to get a vego option which I thyink had feta cheese, tomatoes, mozarella and pesto on it and as a rabid carnivore this decision goes to show how scrummy it was. xxx Loose


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