Saturday, July 23, 2011

i heart sydney

So I haven't had much time to update this blog because well, my flatmate was overseas for 6 weeks and in attempt to keep myself busy, I went to Sydney whenever I had the chance. But a trip to Sydney is not complete without gorging on the food there. My increasing winter belly has benefited from that.

And pictures pictures - of course. I'm not completely neglecting this blog!

Sushi, Guylian chocolate, a vegetarian meal @ the Mind Body Spirit Festival, my lovely friends and I @ Newtown, a home-made salad the size of half a stock pot and home-prepared quail.

One place that I'd definitely recommend is Correlli's in Newtown. It's on King Street and in a old 'School of Art' building. It was good because the food was fresh, balanced, tasty and generous for what we paid. Oh and the atmosphere is nice and casual.

Man, I miss Japanese food - Canberra is deprived of Japanese food as I know it - delicate genuine but complex flavours, well prepared/cut sashimi, non deep-fried options and fresh. Here, we ate at Epping's Sushi Bar. You'd get a decent feed for less than $15 and its one of my favourite sushi places.

Tokyo Sushi Bar, Epping

The below pics were taken at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It includes:
* 'deep fried cheesecake' (err cholesterol hit, yes?)
* the famous Woolworths food hall (where you'd go sample-crazy)
* displays of food (amazingly cute) etc

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