Saturday, July 23, 2011

i heart visitors to canberra

I LOVE having my friends visit me in Canberra. Milly came down from Sydney for a weekend, and we had a raaaaanggge of food. One night, we were classy and had a sit-down Thai dinner. We were yuppies the next day and had a cafe lunch. Most of the time, we were preparing our stomachs for alcohol or were in a rush so relied on bread and dip. After getting super drunk, we got New York style pizza. You can tell much about our activities on the weekend, just by looking at the list of food that we ate.

Zen Yai Thai
This next set of pictures were at Zen Yai Thai @ Civic. I had the lemon grass chicken and it was fantastic. The lemon grass gave the chicken a crusty exterior, as if it was deep fried (but healthier). It was the perfect combination between sweet, savoury and spicy. Milly had the tofu stir fry which was nice as well. It was definitely one of the more 'authentic' Thai places, as opposed to those places which claim to cook Thai food but tastes like my mum's Cantonese cooking.

ZenYai Thai
111/117 London Circuit

Edelweiss Gourmet Deli
For much of the weekend, we feasted on bread and dip. The dips were Carrot and Pumpkin/Rosemary, which we bought from Edelweiss Gourmet Deli @ Woden Westfield. It was very pricey - we paid more than $10 for a small container but they were more than amazing. I preferred the pumpkin dip, which was rich, creamy and full-bodied. The rosemary really enhanced the pumpkin so at every bite, you'd get the best parts of roast pumpkin, as if it just came straight from the oven. The carrot dip was light but full-bodied as well. A bit 'crisp' even. It's not as creamy but still delicious.

Edelweiss Gourmet Deli
Woden Westfield

Gus' Cafe
Milly's has a friend from Canberra and we all caught up over lunch/brunch at the Gus Cafe in Civic. As of now, I've brought nearly all my Canberrian visitors to this cafe. I like this cafe because of its dark brown relaxing decor, ever changing Specials menu, vegetarian-friendly food and friendly atmosphere. The prices aren't the best, (from $15 for a decent sized cafe meal) but I'm willing to pay a bit more just to spoil myself every now and then. This time, I had an egg-white Mediterranean omelette. It was tasty, healthy and had a decent portion of veges in it. There aren't many cafes that serve egg white omelettes (cholesterol-friendly), so I get super excited when I find one :D. While this meal was satisfying, I swear they put bacon in it, even though it wasn't on the menu.

Milly had lentil croquettes - they were okay. Crispy (as expected) on the outside, which complemented the soft lentils inside. They also had a good spice to them. It was a bit heavy as there seemed to be a high proportion of breadcrumbs mixed with the lentils.
The third dish in these pictures were Mexican enchiladas, I think. Although I didn't try them, Milly's friend didn't have anything to complain about :).

Gus' Cafe
Shop 8 Garema Arcade
Bunda Street, Civic

New York Slice Pizzeria
Milly and I went to a graduate party on Saturday night. We drunk too much, too quickly and had to balance it out with food - of course with the oily, fast and unhealthy type. We went to New York Slice- I think they are named this because New York is known to have really large (and good) pizzas. I've always wanted to go to this place because they always display pizzas three-times-the-size-of-my-face and a range of pizzas. It always seemed like the perfect guilty snack... and it lived up to my expectations that night. I think we got the mixed Vegetarian option (my memory of that night, for obvious reasons, isn't great). The pizza I had in New York was def better, but I have no major complaints about this place. The base was crispy, the pizza was hot and fresh enough. Perfect for your post-drunken feast or quick snack.

New York Slice Pizzeria
Garema Place, Civic

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