Saturday, July 23, 2011

home food in sydney

Sydney is not home without being able to have cooking adventures with my mum. I love going back home and enjoying the complex flavours of my mum's food, which goes far beyond the 2 or 3 ingredients that I use in my after-5 rushed cooking in Canberra.

My mum recently did an Indian Vegetarian cookery class with the local community college. A local Indian lady led the class and shared her recipes. Using one of the recipes, my mum and I cooked Palak Paneer - an Indian curry dish with Indian-style cottage cheese (paneer) and can have peas and/or spinach. It had over 20 ingredients and many processes but was well worth the effort.

We also made some wholemeal roti. The teacher of the cooking class said that she would make these from scratch every day!! It's definitely an art, and we struggled a little - out of the 6 we made, only 2 were successful. The roti is basically just flour and water, kneaded out into a small pancake. Once you place it on the plan, its meant to 'pop up', showing that the hot air of the pan has entered the roti and is cooking its inside (see second last picture of this collage). This gives the roti to have two layers when its cooked, allowing you to put food inside the roti (see last picture of this collage).

Another thing that I love being at home is not being embarrassed to share food, and even if the portion is already small. We got a packet of S'mores pop tarts from the USA earlier this year. Toasting it brought happy memories of childhood when I learnt to prepare my own breakfast for myself - yay for independence. These pop tarts were interesting - you could definitely taste the marshmallow, chocolate and the graham cracker, but I still prefer making my own S'mores.

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