Saturday, July 23, 2011

charity bake

On some Mondays at work, my colleagues would bake some delicious treats to raise money for a chosen cause. I promised that I would participate in at least one baking Monday before my I move Sections.

So I had a crazy baking weekend and made:
*Chickpea, polenta and herb muffins
*Flourless chocolate cake with white chocolate bits and a whipped cream topping

The chickpea muffins were a bit dry - I should have predicted this as the raw mixture lacked moisture. However, the chickpeas added a nice wholesome, satisfying and even creamy texture to the muffins. If I were to cook them again, I'd definitely add some more olive oil or butter. Another issue was that the recipe didn't specify whether it needed cooked or raw polenta. The cooked muffins were a bit crunchy, so I assume I should have cooked the polenta beforehand. Luckily, it was possible to mask the crunchiness but asking my colleagues to heat the muffins up in the microwave before they ate them :)

The flourless chocolate muffins were rich and like little bites of chocolate heaven. Only problem was that because they had no flour, there was not much to 'hold up' the actual cupcake - so they deflated and looked dead 5 minutes after coming out of the oven. Thank goodness for whipped cream! I must admit, I opened the oven door a few too many times during the baking process because they were going to be burnt (we've got a weird oven), so this is a lesson learnt!

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