Thursday, May 26, 2011

hello canberra & biscotti

In the first few days of moving to Canberra I caught up with Bec at the Silo Bakery in Kingston (Canberra). While I was glad to see a familiar face J, I was keen to visit this renowned bakery, which people have claimed to be ‘one of the best’ in Canberra. The bakery is in the Kingston shops area, near a bar frequented by APS people – The Kennedy Room. There was a well-to-do vibe in the bakery and this was matched by the lovely staff.

Anyway, the FOOD – they had a limited menu for afternoon tea (in comparison to my Sydney standards). I had a freshly squeezed juice (passion fruit, pineapple and something or rather) which I thought was a bit overpriced ($7-10ish). I also got a bag of biscotti which had fennel, walnut and raisin in it (also around $7-10, overpriced again). The biscotti was unique as it had fennel in it and the combination was pretty unique too, but it wasn’t amazing and I probably wouldn’t buy it again. After all, biscotti isn’t hard to make.
On a non-food note: I am enjoying Canberra (shock-horror to my Sydney friends!). Compared to some of the larger cities in the world, I am happy (enough) with the size of Canberra – I like not being overwhelmed with the crazy amount of things to do. Most importantly, the people are lovely.

However, I DO miss Sydney (people) – I miss my friends and the quirky, weird and philosophical conversations that we have. I miss the galleries, art and festivals. And I miss the eclectic range of eateries, restaurants, cafes and my mum’s cooking!

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