Friday, May 27, 2011

Vday & Lemongrass Thai

OMG, I just realised the impossibility of the task of posting up every single picture that I've ever taken of food. One can at least try...
What IS that? These are roasted figs and pistachio cream from Lemongrass Thai in Woden. They are in a takeaway container hence the slightly demented look. Unfortunately these belonged to someone else so I didn't get a taste.

Context: When the grad program started, I was determined to gather people together for Valentine's day, which was the first day of the second week. In hindsight, it's pretty daring in orientation week to ask at least one person on almost everyday to 'spend valentines day with me'... We did a 'secret valentines' thing, which was like 'secret santa' where we'd give a present to a secret someone in the group and that person would do the same with a secret someone else. I'm not great at explaining things, but i hope you get it.
Rationale: I have the most fun on Vday when I'm spending it with my friends, so I organised a large dinner at the local Thai Restaurant.

The food?: Tbh, the Thai food wasn't great and I probably wouldn't go there again. However, it does satisfy cravings for a decent pad Thai, and I'm happy with that.

During a post-drunken binge, my friends and I went to the Lemongrass Thai in the Canberra city and had a black sticky rice dessert, which I thought was fabulous. Although it was very sweet, it reminded me of the desserts my mum would cook at home after dinner :). This, I would highly recommend (and it was pretty too!)
And chilli prawns...And the evidence..
Lemongrass Thai @ Civic, Woden & Tuggeranong

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