Saturday, May 28, 2011

vege polenta bake

Today, I’m going to try to call Milly from home (hi Milly!!). I feel like I’m lacking frequent conversation with people from Sydney and I could really use some constant support structures right now… However, I’m glad that I can bring some of my happier Sydney memories with me, namely via food.

If I remember correctly, Milly told me that she once made a vegetarian shephard’s pie – the thought of not gagging over too much meat in a pie, but still having a wholesome pie excited me. What I made in Canberra was less like a pie but a vege bake. Whoops. But it was delicious and colourful:
The base had zucchini, eggplant etc with a tomato pasta sauce. The topping was polenta, olive oil and ricotta…

After baking it, the polenta got really dry and nasty so if I did this again, I’d cover it with al-foil or put Parmesan cheese in the polenta.

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