Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jacqui's visit to Canberra

Jacqui recently visited me in Canberra and it was great! We looked at art, went market shopping and ate food :). This set of pictures shows us at the National Gallery and has food from the Babar Cafe Restaurant in Civic, Canberra. We had a pizza (not the best in Canberra) and an entree with Moroccan bite-sized lamb and cauliflower:

We visited the Gorman House Markets. I heart this place. It's quaint, has second hand clothes, art, fresh food. For lunch, we shared a plate of Ethiopian curry and had some Greek sweets (baklava & walnut and honey cake). The Greek sweets weren't the best I've ever tasted but I was more than happy with the curry. It was well worth the money, and I want to learn how to use spices to cook Ethiopian food :)
We also went to the Old Bus Depot Markets for a wonderful assortment of samples and had breakfast/lunch somewhere in Manuka. I love lazy Sundays!

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