Monday, January 2, 2012

Brunch @ Cafe Essen

I had a couple of really tough (work/personal) weeks late 2010. What I needed was to catch up with Sydney friends who know me best and understand. I feel 'lucky' to be a girl as I can easily catch up with a friend over a meal and just talk about what we are thinking. Or maybe I wouldn't feel such a strong urge to express my 'innermost thoughts' if I wasn't a girl. Anyway...

We went to Cafe Essen in Garema Place. Both of us were a bit emotional but didn't say anything about it. I ordered a massive fruit smoothie which was dairy free and had every in-season fruit that I can think of. It was deliciously thick and I'm craving it in this instance. My friend had a big breakfast, which looked like amazing comfort food. We ploughed through our meals, debriefing each other on the simple stuff in life- are we enjoying work? Have you caught up with mutual friends recently? Why are you in Canberra?

With the comfort of a half-full stomach, I mustered the courage to say a little stuff going on in my head. And so did she. It was the perfect location and meal for us to go 'I'm glad that you feel crazy sometimes too'. I couldn't recognise anyone at the other tables, the other customers were from a range of backgrounds (not just mid-30 public servants) and there were plants concealing us from the passing pedestrian traffic.
Cafe Essen
Garema Arcade
6 Garema Pl

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