Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello Grill'd, please come again

I usually have Grill'd when I'm in a 'lets stop philosophising, over-analysing and thinking about other people' mood. It is my view that Grill'd burgers are indulgent yet simple, delicious but takes down the layers and complexity people create for themselves in life. The burgers are bloody awesome.

Once I had the Garden Goodness burger (top picture). It had a premium quality veggie pattie with beetroot, tasty cheese, avocado, salad, relish & herbed mayo. This was a while ago so my memory ain't clear. It was an okay burger. The veggie pattie didn't shock me as something that was packed with veges or something extremely tasty. I would not avoid having the burger, but I still prefer the Field of Dreams as the char-grilled flavour comes through more with the latter.
Another time, I had the Tuscan Delight. This had a grilled chicken breast, roasted peppers, basil pesto, tasty cheese, salad & herbed mayo. Taking the first large bite was just like taking a step off a landed plane onto a warm-weathered country - escapism. The burger was juicy (haha) and decent. Although I still found myself comparing it to the Field of Dreams. The field mushroom was much tastier than the chicken breast.

My friend got a 'Found' Organic Sour Cherry Juice. OMG. I like cherries, but silly me - I should've took the drink for its name. Taking the first sip of the juice is like sucking the sourness of every cherry imaginable. I've put this drink on my personal mental blacklist. ew ew ew.

Westfield Woden (Restaurant Precinct)
Woden, Canberra

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