Thursday, January 5, 2012

not quite hand-sized sweets at the handmade markets

As cute as Canberra's handmade markets sound, when my friend and I visited, the place was filled with young-wannabe-housewives. Maybe the overwhelming amount of craft and felt items just wasn’t my cup of tea. I gazed through the crowds and caught a glimpse of stalls selling sweet treats… I was saved!

We got a lime macaron and a gingerbread cupcake. The macaron wasn’t bad for Canberra standards, as it had the great softness and chewiness that good macarons have. I’ve never had a lime macaron before so it was a shock to the palette – still good nevertheless.

The gingerbread cupcake was decorated ever so cute-ly. The cake base was moist and seemed to be made from ‘real ingredients’ and used crushed walnuts, which I really appreciated. This was a great comparison from cupcakes from some Sydney and New York franchise bakeries which just taste like sugar and flour. Unfortunately, the gingerbread flavour wasn’t very prominent – I wouldn’t have guessed the flavour of the cupcake unless someone told me.
Sweet Petite @ Canberra Handmade Markets
National Convention Centre

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