Saturday, January 21, 2012

"no fixed address"

Okay, I’ve been avoiding this blog – I’ve been overwhelmed with things recently and have been dealing with them in pessimistic and over-analytical ways. I didn’t want to project these thoughts in the blog as these would often be read out of context. In such mindsets, I prefer to have two-way discussions, as opposed to ranting on my blog, as it allows me to clarify what I mean and gauge the other person’s response. And plus, typing these thoughts in a blog would mean that it’s forever captured in the interweb, which is unnecessary (pleasurable memories over painful ones)
ANYWAY, this cute picture is from an online article about housing affordability. Sorry, I’m not going to try to replicate this and give you instructions for doing this. I have no stats on housing affordability in Australia but heaps of studies have been done on the area and they are pretty grim. Sadly, I've had of stories where paying rent in Sydney will get you less than what you'd get for the same amount in Manhattan, New York. I guess I should feel fortunate for renting in Canberra as I'd pay a bit more if I was living in Sydney.

As of Sunday, I will officially be homeless – no stable accommodation. Funny considering I used to volunteer in this area. And if I happen to get arrested in the next few days/weeks, I can say that I have “no fixed address” hahaha.

So I am currently/will soon be a nomad – no fixed address, a lost work ID tag, a 10 year old mobile with super old contacts. My food will likely be pre-cooked and frozen in takeaway containers. I should be used to this considering I travelled around Europe and America living in hostels with other hairy and unshaven people. Maybe the difference is the excitement of seeing a new culture and eating new food overseas rather than facing a full-time job.

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