Saturday, March 3, 2012

caffe bom: a concept venue

A thing that I love about Sydney are their 'concept' venues - cafes, bars, shops etc. Caffe Bom in Eastwood is one of these. The whole place was a bit odd - a cafe heavily decorated with French/European-inspired chairs, tables, mirrors and even domestic items you could purchase. It transported me back to kitsch souvenir shops overseas which sold piles of laced table clothes (Poland) and flowery Cath Kidson bags (England).

The walls were covered in things such as ornate French-inspired mirrors and signs which say something along the lines of 'welcome home'. Next to us, there was a whole stand with handled-bowls. I saw these bowls all around Europe when I was travelling and they were often used for Spanish omelettes, soups etc. The cafe was a bit hilarious and constructed as it didn't seem natural to place plastic-covered lamps, seat cushions and baking dishes on display tables. It seemed a bit exhibitionist, and made the cafe look a bit like a shop catered for the over-enthusiastic housewife. As bitchy or prudish I may sound, I still love such concept venues.
I got a scoop of blueberry and lemon ice cream. It didn't skimp on taste and it was a great dessert/reward/pick-me-up late at night. It was served in a small silver/gold-lined bowl and had a prettiness which suited the rest of the cafe. My friend got a hot chocolate and she seemed to enjoy it. I think I was more interested in the conversation, atmosphere and decor rather than the food haha.

Caffe Bom
15 Railway Parade
Eastwood, Sydney

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