Thursday, March 8, 2012

Erindale Vietnamese Restaurant (Wanniassa)

On Riot Act, a person highly praised the Erindale Vietnamese Restaurant - key highlights included the meat which was soft and cooked to perfection, the sauce in the dishes and the price. I would agree with this mostly but the downfall was the combination of flavours in my dish.
I ordered lemongrass chicken and my friend ordered satay chicken or curry of some sort. This lemongrass chicken is vastly different from the type you'd get at Thai restaurants - there was heaps of sauce (as opposed to being pan-fried in spices) and the lemongrass was quite mild. It reminded me of Chinese chefs who would try to cook other type of Asian cuisines.

There wasn't really a balance of flavours or ingredients in the dish. There were too many chopped onions, the lemongrass was only noticeable when you came across a small chunk of it and the dish was overpowered with some unusual black/brown sauce (such as oyster sauce). It was definitely cheap, but not my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Canberra.

Erindale Vietnamese Restaurant
Unit 6/38 Gartside Street
Wanniassa, Canberra

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