Sunday, March 4, 2012

govinda's: love this place

Govinda's is one of my favourite places to eat/be in Sydney - the concept is unique, innovative and the food is tasty and vegetarian. Govinda's has yoga etc classes, a buffet restaurant and a mini movie theatre - I frequently do the latter two.

The buffet restaurant has a range of delicious food such as cauliflower deep fried in chickpea flour, vegetarian kofta balls, curry, a range of seeds and condiments, dahl soup, cous cous, salads. I LOVE their kofta balls and have extensively tried to find a good recipe for them - no luck yet. The buffet is heaven for me as I don't have to feel a guilty conscience about over-consuming meat and the food seems to be low in cholesterol. The atmosphere of the restaurant is casual, bohemian and gypsy-like. The waiting staff are wearing clothes which you'd get from from the 'Tree of Life' and are genuine caring/helpful souls.
I often take advantage of Govinda's movie/dinner deal where I'd eat at the buffet and watch a movie upstairs for $30. Movies range from blockbuster to indie. The selling point is the setting of the movie theatre - rather than sitting in upright and somewhat stiff theatre chairs, you would lie down on reclining sofa-like seats and surround yourself in cushions. It could be a bit odd because you could be lying next to an absolute stranger and surrounded by a dozen people doing the same thing. But from experience, everyone has been easy-going, friendly and physically keep to themselves (unless you'd want otherwise?!)

Govinda's and Movie Room
112 Darlinghurst Road
Darlinghurst, Sydney

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