Monday, March 12, 2012

triple apple thai salad

A delicious and funky salad, particularly good for those who have a sweet tooth and don't mind a bit of chilli. The base ingredient is chinese cabbage (must be my favourite asian vegetable). It is dazzled with three sources of apples - apple pieces (granny smith and any red apple) and apple cider vinegar. Some people think incorporating apples in salads is a bit odd, but it's actually makes the salad refreshing and light.

Chicken was added to this meal, with a bit of sweet paprika - and it was learnt that paprika probably doesn't complement thai foods very well. Anyway, add a bit of extra protein with roasted cashew nuts. The salad was given extra freshness with mint.

See the full recipe here. The webpage recommends that tofu should be added... while the salad has a lot going on, tofu could be added for extra softness.

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