Saturday, March 3, 2012

toscani's: one of many frequent visits

Parramatta - a unique suburb in Sydney which contains a massive Westfield and Westie bogans. People in the shopping centre are often found wearing large tracksuit pants or tight arse-hugging clothes. The girls are often glamorous with a lot of mascara and the guys have bling, a cool walk and often have with a slightly open mouth so they can quickly but cooly say 'hey man'.

A friend and I have been to Toscani's, an Italian/Mediterrenean cafe restaurant, on countless times. It's a popular and large eatery which is located at the bus depot, making it a perfect place for people watching.

We often don't have to negotiate where we want to eat but one of us will say: Should we do the usual? Similarly, the dishes we get don't vary - a salad or wrap accompanied with some sort of alcoholic beverage. Without fail, the meals were satisfying and large. I got the morrocan chicken salad (dressing on the side because I was trying to detox). The dressing is consistently nice - tasty but I suspect it was pre-packaged and a generic dressing for all Toscani's restaurants. The salad had adequate amounts of avocado and chicken and the salad base was fresh. My friend got the chicken caeser salad - easy and no complaints. This time around, we shared the arancini balls - yum. Perfect combination of sticky risotto and a crunchy exterior. Just the small amount of carbs I needed.

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