Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the leaf: thai restaurant

When I was in Sydney, my friend and I planned to meet up - coincidentally on the evening of the Mardi Gras near Oxford St. This was a big mistake considering we were intending to have a quiet night and a catch up chat. So we escaped to Sydney's Eastern Suburbs to a quirky but a bit family-orientated Thai restaurant-bar-green eatery.

On the outside, the place looked like a chique bar with its exposed bricks, metal beams on the ceiling and rustic naked chandeliers. One wall was covered in leaves and vines, creating a sort of organic naturalness which seemed to be a play-on the menu's attempt to include healthy dishes.
I can't exactly remember what we ordered as the focus was probably more on catching up rather than the food. However, I have absolutely no complaints. One dish was a stir fry of vegetables including eggplant, tofu etc. The other dish was a mild curry (still too hot for our liking), with chicken and assorted veges. Both dishes were nice, with a delicate balance combination of sweet, savoury and spices. We paid around $30 for all of that and had left overs :).

The restaurant also had brown rice, so I'd give them brownie points for this. I always respect an eatery which has wholesome options.

The Leaf: Thai Restaurant (previously Thai-Riffic was in the same location)
511 Old South Rd
Rose Bay, Sydney

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