Wednesday, July 18, 2012

excessive cooking and Japanese food

In the past few days, I've probably cooked three separate recipes, each having four serving sizes. My housemates thought I went manic as I cooked numerous times at 9pm as a way of majorly 'de-stressing' after work (I usually enjoy cooking). In fact, it was just me being disorganised, buying too many groceries on the weekend and worrying they would go in the trash.

I didn't take pictures of my excessive cooking. However, reflecting my recent behaviour, I'm going to go on a blog post frenzy (just this evening)... let's see how I go.

My friend and I have made a pact to try more Japanese eateries in Canberra. This was my idea as my favourite cuisines are Japanese and French... probably because they are delicate and are quality over quantity. I like the sweet flavours of Japanese food and the rich/punchy flavours of French food.

I ordered a sushi mix plate at Kagawa in Dickson and was happy overall. I normally wouldn't choose sushi with creamy crab stick in it, but there wasn't much of it so that was okay. The sashimi was as fresh as Sydney's sushi and the sushi rice was just right.

My friend got some deep fried pork. I don't normally choose this kinda dish as it seems like a Japanese form of KFC to me. Despite this, I tasted the dish and found it tasty and super comforting for a glum and overcast wintery day.
Kagawa Japanese Cuisine Restaurant
55 Woolley St

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