Wednesday, July 18, 2012

mushroom nut loaf

I love mushrooms and snacking on nuts. However, I wasn't sure how well the black squishy vegetable would go with the crunchy white protein. I got a recipe for a mushroom nut loaf from some gourmet vegetarian cookbook when I was a student and living in Sydney - it was impossible for me to bake this because a vegetarian dish would rot with neglect in a meat-loving male dominated household. Now I can eat all the veges I desire mwahaha.

I included a mix of crushed brazil nuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and cashews in this dish. I could've eaten the powdery substance like crack on a stick. This was combined with onions, mushrooms, eggs, chives and cheese etc.
While the baked result resembled non-edible soil, it was delicious - varied texture (soft and crunchy), full of flavour and the right of mix salt/sweet/crunch/soft. Surprisingly, it wasn't too dry on the day of baking. I also cooked a tomato/chive sauce which became evidently useful after a few days as the loaf dried up a bit.

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