Wednesday, July 11, 2012

roast dinner - questions of familarity and comfort

One evening, my friend shouted me a home-baked dinner: salt crusted roast chicken and roast veges. This contrasted with the food I normally eat, including mini vegetarian dishes I cook for myself or takeaway of some sort. The food was ultra comforting, probably because it was an escape from the cold outside and knowing that it wasn't basted in saturated fat. It was nice to have this served at a table - something else I don't normally do.  
For a moment, I felt like I was with a white middle-class family in a cottage in America while it snowed outside. It was a bit bizarre. I can imagine how this kinda meal would provoke people's memories of home, family-cooked winter meals and discussions at the dinner table. This wasn't really the case for me because dinners with my family in Sydney were usually ad-hoc stirfries.

So that made me wonder: Do people always find comfort in familiarity? I knew a person who had a childhood that was constantly changing - family, home, schooling, friends etc and as a young adult, that person continued to find comfort in constant change. My question is whether it's possible to have absolutely constant flux in your life to the point that you'll never see one person twice, never wear the same clothes twice, never use the same word twice. In extreme scenarios, would people develop relationships with anyone... would their memory on something become redundant because their memory would never be needed again. It actually sounds impractical, or that the person would be crazy. Maybe there needs to be some degree of repetition in people's lives... but why?!

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