Tuesday, July 31, 2012

turkish banquet wooo

Okay, after 24 hours of lazing around, talking to mum, whining, internet reading, text messages from friends and facebook chatting, I feel a lot better. Although I'm still burnt out, I am now in a celebratory/treat myself mood. The food below should be consumed in such a manner.

The Turkish Pizza House in Weston Creek is in an inconspicuous building - if you draw a square around all restaurants in Weston, it'd be in the corner. The exterior and decor of the 'pizza house' is akin to kebab takeaway joints you'd see in Blacktown in Sydney (South Western-ish suburbs). It's low key, a ghoulish low-budget orange dominates the furniture/walls and the menu consists of illuminated photos of food options.

We got the Turkish banquet. At $20pp, this consisted of a turkish pizza, lamb/chicken/beef kebab sticks, zucchini balls, two dips with turkish bread two times the size of my face, rice and a salad. I had a snack beforehand but was in food heaven. We placed all the food on a low non-table surface which made it feel like a wintery picnic. It was all super tasty and not too oily (apart from the pizza). The amount of food probably lasted us four separate meals. If I could allocate emotions to meals, rather than myself, this would be a super happy meal (not in the Maccas way).
Turkish Pizza House
8 Liardet Street

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