Wednesday, July 18, 2012

my version of banana cake

Months ago, a tree bizarrely fell on my car, which meant I couldn't drive myself around Canberra for weeks. This was strangely depressing cos I hated being reliant on people and not having the freedom to go out. Fortunately, my dad drove from Sydney to lend me his car... this happened to be on Mother's Day so I took the opportunity to bake my classic banana cake for my mum.

Banana cake is one of the most simple things to bake, and most people claim their recipes to be the best. Frankly, I've never liked anyone else's version more than my creation cos I make the cake in the way that I like. I don't mean my banana cake is superior but I enjoy baking and eating my own cake. My version  includes wholemeal flour, brown sugar, honey, oats, lots of banana and walnuts etc. I'm not a fan of yellow buttery cakes which lack bananas or those which remind me of the commercial stuff you get at Gloria Jeans. I like the stuff that fills you up.

This time I added blueberries and made muffins for myself. While it was my perfect cup of tea, I understand others may prefer something else.

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