Monday, July 23, 2012

vege surprise in suburbia: Canberra Murugan Temple

My mum came to visit me in Canberra last weekend, so I got to do a lot of things that I've wanted to do for a while, but would find difficult to do with Canberra friends due to timing, concept or distance.

Many people have told me about the vegetarian food fairs hosted by the temples in Torrens and Mawson. The internet has vague information about these, including event listings on a low-budget 'Community Switch' website and one line statements on websites. This is the 'Sydney-me' coming out, expecting there is decent internet exposure of all community events. Sorry!

Nevertheless, we went to the Vishnu Shiva Mandir temple in Mawson first. The food fair is meant to start at 11am each Saturday. We arrived at about 12 midday to a temple with closed doors. We could hear some form of ceremony taking place and smelt delicious food. However, I felt too shy to go inside so we headed back to my car.

Next, we paid a visit to the Canberra Murugan Temple in Torrens. See here. The temple was under construction but underneath a shelter were a few bain-maries filled with an assortment of curries and finger food. It was low-key, just as I like, and the food was served by community members. There were a few people lining up for food, who seemed like they were from the neighbourhood.
The temple had a shed with car ruins and other random pieces. This intrigued me as Canberra is known to be very clean and sterile. I got a curry roll ($2), which was super crisp, not too spicy hot and filling. It reminded me of chicken nuggets! There were other curries... each plate costed less than $10 and serving sizes were generous. Would definitely go again.

Canberra Aru Padai Murugan Temple
151 Beasley Street

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