Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Taj Agra Indian Restaurant

I've been to the Taj Agra Indian Restaurant in Dickson twice. The restaurant serves North Indian and Pakistani food - I briefly surfed the net and people say that Pakistani food is a subset of Indian food. The former is known to be more meaty. When I went to this restaurant the first time, I didn't really enjoy it because the flavours were dull. The second time, I changed my expectations and couldn't complain.

The first time, I went with my family and we ordered Malai Kofta (potato and cheese dumplings half fried and finished in a rich cashew nut sauce), Saag Chicken (Boneless chicken cooked with spinach and special herbs, tempered with cream) and Madras Beef (South Indian beef curry with coconut milk and fragrant spices) along with a wholemeal roti. On this occasion, I thought the food had too much sauce and odd but dull flavours, while the meat wasn't overly tender. 

I went another time with a different person and completely forgot what I ordered the first time. Coincidentally we got the Madras Beef and wholemeal roti (again for me). There was another dish but I forgot. The flavours seemed to mix better this time, but maybe that's cos the memory of my (eating) palette allowed me to adjust my expectations.
Some more of my 'deep thoughts' for today... I always try to eat something different at restaurants, but still follow trends and have favourites. This makes me think whether I am subconsciously following the same patterns within and across my lifes in Canberra/Sydney. I wouldn't say that I'm bored of Canberra, but there is a repetition in activities/day-to-day interactions. Sometimes I just feel like running outside and doing something so bizarre that disrupts the normal pattern of things. I've tried to do things/activities that I consider 'out of my norm', but then I'd revert back to what I'm comfortable with. So is it possible to sustain dynamicity in your life, without reverting too much to your own 'norm'?

Taj Agra
35 Woolley Street
Dickson, Canberra

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