Thursday, February 23, 2012

apple tarte tatin

At the moment, my blogger account isn't working but I am trying to work around it by posting here via email and with my (mum's) nifty smart phone.

When I was in Sydney, I would cook a whole cake/tart with enough faith in the world that I wouldn't consume the whole thing. I made a delicious Apple Tarte Tatin, essentially a French 'upside down apple pie' with a base of puff pastry and exposed apples. One of the easiest desserts ever and it tastes amazing, especially with ice cream to soothe your palette against the buttery pastry and tangy apples. The dish must be consumed soon after it is baked to ensure the base remains crispy. The thin layer of apples is proportionally perfect to the thin layers of puff pastry.

Recipe is from Masterchef. Try it, be brave and experiment.

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