Sunday, February 19, 2012

fish and chips at fyshwick markets

My friend had a hangover and was craving fish and chips. She knew that I have a food blog so asked me if I knew any good places, but to my dismay, I had not eaten fish and chips in Canberra nor found many places with good seafood. Nevertheless, the seafood sold at the Fishwyck markets was the freshest I’ve had in Canberra, so it made sense to try the fish and chip shop there.

The shop smelt like any other fish and chip shop you'd encounter at the beach or any side walk - deep frying oil and sea water/fishy.
She got the fisherman’s basket, essentially a plate of deep fried crap, including chips, prawn cutlets, calamari, seafood sticks and maybe a piece of white fresh fish. I got the grilled white fish with the salad. Sadly, my fish was overcooked, dry and a bit chewy. Since I’m not really familiar with seafood, I can’t blame this on the (potentially cheap) catch of fish.

I’m still keeping my eyes/tastebuds out for a good a good fish and chip place in Canberra.

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