Friday, February 3, 2012

Rekorderlig winter cider - apple, cinnamon and vanilla hmmm

Rekorderlig had a ‘special edition’ cider – a winter apple one complemented with vanilla and cinnamon. I enjoyed this with Asian wontons, but the complex flavours of the cider demanded it be consumed by itself. All the said flavours were prominent and I loved its distinctiveness. My girl friend found the cider to be too sweet, but I thought it was just right (I love sweet desserts after all). The cinnamon was a great wintery addition to the traditional apple cider, but the vanilla was a tad superficial. I guess I was expecting the organic taste of vanilla beans.
The label on the bottle suggested you could drink it cold or heat it up on a stove top (I assume in the same style of German mulled wine). I had it cold and had no problem with the coldness of typically warm ingredients i.e. apple with cinnamon. Would definitely try this again next winter, but warmed up!

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