Wednesday, February 29, 2012

la cita: latin restaurant

I am currently in Sydney for a 2 day work conference and will be staying in town for the weekend! Coming from Canberra, I was glad to leave the grey jungle of my office and my repetitive lifestyle. When I landed in Sydney, I didn't feel much probably because I was exhausted. But then the traffic built up, rain got heavier and people got ruder. The buildings were unfamiliar and I had no idea where I was. I felt like I was in a foreign city. Welcome to Sydney.

I walked along the wet promenade of King Street Wharf with my supervisor. I have limited memories of this area as it's difficult to walk here wearing high heels during a big night and there's cosier bars in other areas of Sydney which I'd prefer.

Nevertheless, I wanted to eat at a restaurant you wouldn't get in Canberra so we went to La Cita, a Latin restaurant. I hear this has a good atmosphere/music for Latin dancing late at night. Even at the time of dinner, the atmosphere was welcoming, funky and cool.

Fortunately, the food was on the same par. I got a vegetarian dish - polenta with a mild tomato puree, wilted spinach and other veges. It was just what I needed after all the oily, saucy and meaty stuff I've eaten recently. But the dish in itself was a great comforting dish. The polenta was pan-fried well (I still need to practice this) and the veges were crisp and fresh. My supervisor got a mixed tapas plate. She loved it as it had a bit of everything and was tasty.

La Cita Restaurant, Bar and Club
9 Lime Street

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